Criminals… What?

In our neighborhood Facebook group, a neighbor reported her car was broken into with stuff stolen. And they vomited in the passenger seat.

Any suggestions for home security cameras?







12 responses to “Criminals… What?

  1. Drate Berry Avatar

    I bet @RichP could make some excellent suggestions

  2. Rachel Baker Avatar

    I am biased, but I trust the experts at @wirecutter for suggestions:…

  3. Phil Crumm Avatar

    I have a handful of interior and exterior Nest cameras. Pricy, but they do what they say they do and they do it well.

  4. Jared Atchison Avatar

    Similar stuff in our neighborhood. Went with Nest Ourdoors cam and have no complaints. Easy to install, solid hardware, reliable, moderately priced, really good app. Probably will be adding another this year. Nest brand is tried and true IMO.

  5. Rich Plakas Avatar

    I’ve been really happy with the @ArloSmartHome Pro Cameras and now they have the Pro 2. I even get image alerts on my Samsung Gear watch!…


  6. Brandon Kraft Avatar

    That’s pretty slick.

  7. Rich Plakas Avatar

    Can’t help with the vomit 🤮 though… Nervous, Drunk or on drugs?

    Texas, USA

  8. Rob Neu Avatar

    WTF you guys live in Texas isn’t anyone scared of getting shot? I’m pretty sure everyone in my neighborhood would open fire on sight. 😂

  9. Brandon Kraft Avatar

    That’s what I should do. Setup a camera to point a targeting laser on people near our cars/door then trigger an audio track a la Home Alone.

  10. Will Costello Avatar

    Seen different setups at people’s houses. From what I’ve seen I like the Arlo and ring cameras the best. Easy to set up and easy to navigate review of the video. Cheap storage plans

  11. Harriet Yoder Avatar has the best home security tips. Kim is the go to expert.

  12. Joe Fulwiler Avatar

    Ring. I love it! Easy to install, compared to other electrically wired cameras, b/c it uses your low-voltage doorbell wire. Electrically wired is important so u don’t have to recharge the battery every two weeks. It uses wifi to store videos and ping your phone. Simple. Works.

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