News Only on The iPad

I’m going to experiment with an attempt of a lifehack to only consume news when I’m using my iPad—not at my regular work computer.

Usually, I’ll browse the news sites while waiting for something to build or tests or run, but too often, something will be “breaking” that catches my attention. In reality, it doesn’t really need or deserve my attention. The world would be perfectly the same if I read about it after the event had ended at the end of the day on the iPad.

I’m intentionally not saying my phone either, since that’s easy to get sucked into at the wrong time too. My iPad is an everyday device, but it isn’t an all-the-time one. I only pull it out intentionally—usually to put on something to watch or listen to while doing the dishes.

I have an Apple News+ subscription (cheapest way to get the WSJ I’ve found), so the iPad makes the most sense for this experiment.

What are some hacks y’all have put in place to help keep you from getting sucked into the wrong things at the wrong time?






3 responses to “News Only on The iPad

  1. Scott Sevener Avatar

    This is a good idea! A while ago I turned off social media notifications on my phone and stopped leaving their tabs open on my desktop, and it really helps keep their distractions down.

  2. A Guy Called Kraft 😷💉 Avatar

    Turning off notifications off my phone is such a gamechanger! I really appreciate in the last few years how phones have started providing far more advanced nuances to notification settings too.

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