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  • Cup After Cup

    One of those days where I literally cannot drink enough coffee. Also on: Twitter Google+ icon Facebook

  • Summer Coffee

    If I’m at home, I always drink hot coffee. If the outside temperature is over 96°F and I’m away from old, iced coffee. Also on: Twitter

  • Between Amazon, GrubHub, UberEats, and Postmates, only Amazon delivered the first order 100% right. Postmates missed minor things, UberEats left off half the order, and GrubHub never delivered.

  • 40 Days with Food Allergies

    40 Days with Food Allergies

    Following your kid’s allergies for Lent isn’t as easy as I thought.

  • Mole Beer

    Mole Beer

    I’m stoked to pour this one, but going to wait until I can share it with some folks. I’ve yet to have anything from The Bruery that wasn’t great.

  • Christmas Food

    I was doing pretty good on eating semi-decently over the holidays so far. Christmas Day…not so much. Need a food vacation to recover from today.