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  • Statement on SB 8

    The 87th Legislature passed Senate Bill 8, the so-called “Texas Heartbeat Act”. I find myself in a torn state regarding this bill. First, I sincerely believe in the sacredness of the whole human life—the “whole life movement” is a fair bucket that I fit into. On that front, reducing abortion is a good thing. Second, […]

  • Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

    Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

    If I can’t look at this country honestly, if I can’t hear the experiences of others and see the flaws that we still have, if I fail to heed the least of our brothers and sisters—both citizens and those outside our borders who believe this land is the land of hope and opportunity, then there is no way for me to make this country better for myself, my family, or my fellow citizens.

  • Texas Won't Help

    Texas will not be resettling refugees in the new fiscal year, Gov. Greg Abbott told federal officials Friday. Source: Gov. Greg Abbott Says Texas Won’t Resettle Refugees In 2020 Governor Greg Abbot is not opting Texas into the federal refugees settlement program. Under President Trump, the program changed to require specific opt-in by local officials. […]

  • NPR Interviews George W. Bush

    NPR Interviews George W. Bush

    Bush has dedicated billions to combat AIDS in Africa and recently traveled to the continent. If nothing had been done about the pandemic during his time in office, he said, “I would’ve been ashamed.” Source: George W. Bush Calls Foreign Aid A Moral And Security Imperative I was not a huge fan of President Bush […]

  • Election is Still Raw

    Election is Still Raw

    Shouting match erupts between Clinton and Trump aides The Washington Post covered a usually mundane post-election event at Harvard where the various political players of the campaigns get together to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and lessons learned. This cycle wasn’t as mundane. The emotions are much more raw still on the losing side […]

  • President Trump

    President Trump

    This isn’t what I was expecting. There was no way Trump would win. He’s not going to win the primary. He did? He’s not going to win the general. But, he did. I’m not sure how to proceed. If I lived in a vacuum and “Clinton” and “Trump” were just random names, I would say […]