NPR Interviews George W. Bush

Bush has dedicated billions to combat AIDS in Africa and recently traveled to the continent. If nothing had been done about the pandemic during his time in office, he said, “I would’ve been ashamed.”

Source: George W. Bush Calls Foreign Aid A Moral And Security Imperative

I was not a huge fan of President Bush while he was in office. I think his Iraq policy was extremely problematic and one we will be dealing with for sometime. The Patriot Act and his post-9/11 war against terrorism as an abstract created a dynamic of how we view and interact with authority that we will be realizing the negative effects of for some time (hello, United, using police to remove passengers from a plane).

All that said, I like him post-presidency and it is striking his interview with NPR compared to the current administration​ so far.

Worth the read and per Morning Edition on air this morning, there will be more on other topics discussed during the interview dropping during the day.






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