Category: Reflections

  • Personal Web Presence

    Personal Web Presence

    I’m in the midst of an identity crisis. Regarding Internet identity and community, my presence on Twitter felt most interconnected. I’ve had my website(s) longer, and they mean more to me than Twitter. But with the changes over there and the disruption to much of my community, coupled with a general dislike for Musk’s governance…

  • Finally Caught It

    Finally Caught It

    After avoiding for two years, I could avoid it no more. Symptomatic but mild. Bleh.

  • Incident at the Elementary School

    Incident at the Elementary School

    At my kids’ elementary at dismissal time, there was an incident of someone approaching the gate where “walkers” are dismissed to their parents. The individual seemed to be under the influence of something, and when a teacher asked him to leave, the individual struck a couple of teachers. Parents acted quickly to subdue the individual,…

  • 20 Years Later

    20 Years Later

    To honor those who died or were directly impacted by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, I’ve started reading The Only Plane in the Sky, an oral history of the day compiled by Garrett Graff. The events of that day changed our country (and the world, but I’m less familiar with that) forever, but…

  • Happy Birthday, O!

    Happy Birthday, O!

    My eldest turns 12 years old today. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be married almost 13 years with a 12-year-old, but here we are. As she continues her path toward more independence, I find new joys in parenthood. As much fun as having my two-year-old wanting to play “tackle Daddy” for an…

  • Juneteenth


    Juneteenth allows us to more fully celebrate the Fourth of July.