Finally Caught It

After avoiding a positive test result for over two years, the walls fell and I contracted COVID-19.

It has laid me out a bit. Worst than the worst flu I’ve had. I’ve had some coughing and breathing difficulty, but not anywhere close to the pneumonia I’ve had previously. I’ve heard folks talk about how they’re normal mentally for a couple hours, then experience brain fog. I’ve had similar where I can think as usual, despite the body hurting, then I can’t figure out how to string a sentence together.

I tested positive on Wednesday afternoon, started on antivirals on Friday, and at the end of Saturday, starting to feel more like normal.

I’m grateful for the vaccines, the antivirals, and that only one of the kids have tested positive (and asymptomatic at that). As soon as I tested positive, the kids were masks at home except when asleep and I stayed in my room as much as possible. After confirming their negative status and finished school for the week, off they went to the in-laws for the holiday weekend.

Bleh. I can’t imagine how much worse this would have felt before we had the medical tools we have now.





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  1. Rich, CSP Avatar

    Hang in there, friend! Sorry for the suffering and inconvenience for you and your family!

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