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  • Magellan: My Trip Around The World

    Magellan: My Trip Around The World

    I’ve been with Automattic for nearly 11 years. The company is fully distributed, so there are no offices, but we have regular meetups and in-person events. I’ve been to quite a few places worldwide, including across the US, Canada, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Montenegro, The Netherlands, and so forth. This month, I…

  • I Don’t Think I’m Going To Go Anymore

    I Don’t Think I’m Going To Go Anymore

    I think I’m not going to back to work for awhile.

  • Scala Santa ⛪️

    Scala Santa ⛪️

    For the first time in 300 years, the wood covering the steps that Jesus climbed to be condemned by Pilate was removed and I was there.

  • Home Again

    I’ve spent at least one night not in my own bed in each of the last nine calendar weeks. I’m now home with no travel scheduled for at least this month. Whew!

  • Vanessa and the Law

    Once, Vanessa was given an “enhanced security” screening for having a hair tie in her back pocket. You better believe I’m never going to forget that. “Don’t forget to check your pockets for lint!” Also on: Twitter Twitter

  • 50% There

    Southwest informed me that I’m over halfway to qualifying for their Companion Pass. With it, someone can fly with me for only the cost of security fees and my ticket can be purchased via points. Where should I go? Last time we had this, we flew about four times for ~$100. Also on: Twitter Twitter…