I Don’t Think I’m Going To Go Anymore

Except, I do like my job. I’m just not going to go back for awhile.

I’ve been really lucky to work at a place that wants employees to be well-rounded people. Between reasonable work goals and unlimited vacation time (still got to get the work done), I’ve been able to be do good work without overworking.

But, there’s more to life than regular vacations. They offer some great paternity leave options and every five years, a three-month sabbatical to really unplug and recharge.

I’ve been at Automattic for nearly six years now, so time to take some time. I’m about to log out and I think I’m not going to go back to work. Well, not until September at least.

Have a wonderful summer! Details soon…

Scala Santa ⛪️

On this Good Friday, I remember last Friday when I visited the Scala Santa in Rome.

It is said in the 4th century, Emperor Constantine’s mom, Helena traveled to the Holy Land on a pilgrimage to the sites of Jesus’ life.

Being the emperor’s mom and an empress herself, gave her a ton of access. There she founded some major churches (like the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem) and brought back a number of relics—including the stairs of the praetorium that Jesus climbed to be condemned by Pilate.

Placed in Rome as stairs to the Pope’s private chapel (because of course), they became a pilgrimage location where pilgrims would climb on the knees.

Hundreds of years ago, worried about wear, the original steps were covered in wood. Until now. The wood was removed for restoration work and they decided to leave it off and open them to the public until the end of the Easter season before adding the covering again.

By just pure luck, I was in Rome when they reopened it last Thursday and able to visit on Friday morning. It wasn’t really a moment to snap pictures on the phone. In visiting Rome, almost everywhere, I saw others taking pictures, but no one had a camera or phone out, so I took a quick one as I walked in. The Catholic Traveler on Instagram took some better pictures.

Picture of the Holy Stairs in Rome
Pilgrims ascending the exposed marble Scala Santa on their knees for the first time in hundreds of years.

As we look to celebrate Good Friday today, my mind takes me to these stairs trying to imagine what Jesus must have been thinking climbing them, knowing that condemnation awaited him.

I’m reminded of Palm Sunday liturgy where we counterposition of laying palms before Jesus as he entered Jerusalem only to have the crowd condemn him a short time later. Last Friday, I joined with others to worship him and to honor the physical existence he had on Earth, but then turn around and assuredly condemn him through sin or inaction.

If you find yourself in Rome, especially before June 9th, find a few minutes to visit St. John Lateran and the Scala Santa across the plaza.

Home Again

I’ve spent at least one night not in my own bed in each of the last nine calendar weeks. I’m now home with no travel scheduled for at least this month. Whew!

Vanessa and the Law

Once, Vanessa was given an “enhanced security” screening for having a hair tie in her back pocket. You better believe I’m never going to forget that.

“Don’t forget to check your pockets for lint!”

50% There

Southwest informed me that I’m over halfway to qualifying for their Companion Pass. With it, someone can fly with me for only the cost of security fees and my ticket can be purchased via points. Where should I go?

Last time we had this, we flew about four times for ~$100.

I love playing the Tetris game that is packing a minivan for a week-long trip of seven people.