Vanessa and the Law

Once, Vanessa was given an “enhanced security” screening for having a hair tie in her back pocket. You better believe I’m never going to forget that.

“Don’t forget to check your pockets for lint!”

Posted by Brandon Kraft

My life is an open-source book.

9 Replies to “Vanessa and the Law

  1. You should have seen the time I stupidly decided to fertilize the lawn in the morning before going to the airport…


  2. They just wanted to touch your luscious locks


  3. When my hair was long, the security in the Portland airport would pat down my head to check if I was hiding things.


  4. In my first time in USA land, in IAH, they took things out of my backpack and put the explosive detection thing because I had a little water in a bottle I got in the plane.


  5. The time I was pulled out of line and searched and had my entire backpack inspected because the thought my manfrotto mini tripod looked like a weapon.



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