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  • Vanessa and the Law

    Once, Vanessa was given an “enhanced security” screening for having a hair tie in her back pocket. You better believe I’m never going to forget that. “Don’t forget to check your pockets for lint!” Also on: Twitter Twitter

  • Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check

    Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check

    Global Entry is a trusted traveler program offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. If you’re able to pass a background check, interview process, and willingness to pay $100, you get five-years of inclusion in this program that offers two main benefits for me: Accelerated customs processing Accelerated airport security via TSA Pre-Check and others…

  • Travel Secrets: Grab Airport Food Quick

    Travel Secrets: Grab Airport Food Quick

    The Grab Airport Mobile Ordering app is a quick way to get food without the lines.

  • Southwest Is My Airline

    Southwest Is My Airline

    Soon after getting married, I realized that I would be flying Southwest quite a bit more. It is the only airline to fly Austin to El Paso direct and, being the city of my wife’s family, it would be a common destination during the holidays. For five years, I’ve only flown Southwest. Now, working for…