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  • That Was Scary: Postpartum Hemorrhage

    That Was Scary: Postpartum Hemorrhage

    Vanessa gave me quite the scare after Ruth was born.

  • SXSW crash: One Tragic Night. One Year Later.

    SXSW crash: One Tragic Night. One Year Later.

    For many of those who were on or near Red River Street when Rashad Owens plowed into a late-night crowd of music fans, their recollections today are as sensory as they are mental, reminders of an event still felt as much as remembered. Source: SXSW crash: One Tragic Night. One Year Later. A well-done feature […]

  • Shots Fired

    Yesterday, it was surreal to see pictures of The University of Texas campus with full SWAT teams, armored personnel carriers and, probably, the most law enforcement officials gathered in one place in response to a crime within Austin in a very long time, if ever. It was even more surreal to see much of the […]

  • Hurricane Ike #8: Update on Family

    First, Vanessa’s parents are back with power and all seems to be normal in their world. Hung, however, is not doing as well. Today, he was allowed back on the island and while he did not take the chance to wait in line to visit, he did hear from his apartment manager. His apartment, while […]

  • Hurricane Ike #7: Random Notes

    A few random notes from various items I found today. There’s always a way.The first comes from the problems in Galveston. The city has been using the San Luis Resort and Conference Center as the base of operations during the storm, as the hotel was one of the best built buildings on the island to weather […]

  • Hurricane Ike #6: Hung

    On a related note to the last entry about Vanessa’s parents, Hung is also well. Hung and his cat spent the weekend with me in Austin and now he’s in Dallas. NOAA has posted satellite imagery of Hung’s apartment. For his privacy, I won’t say which complex is his, but if you’ve been there, you […]