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Hurricane Ike #5: Vanessa’s Parents

A few people have asked me about Vanessa’s parents in The Woodlands. They’re fine. Like the rest of that area, they’re without power and will be for awhile from all accounts. Cell and landline phone service is also not operational, but we can occasionally get a text message through.

They weathered the storm fine. Mr. Gonzalez had to go out to clear debris from a gate to allow rain water to flow out to the street since the water started to flood a portion of the backyard. Once he cleared the passage, the water drained as planned. The pool looks disgusting, full of mud, muck and more.

I’ll post any news on here for those who are interested.

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Hurricane Ike #4: Houston Curfew

The Houston Police Chief just announced that a city-wide curfew will be in effect, starting tonight at 9 pm until 6 am daily until Saturday at 6 am.

The Harris County Judge said that the unincorporated areas of town do not have a curfew, as of now, and it is up to each city to make their own announcements.

Airports will not be open today either.

In some of the forums, people are asking if their cruises departing tomorrow will actually depart. There’s no word, officially, but there’s just no way.

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Hurricane Ike #3: Aftermath

Ike is long past hurricane status. The good news is everyone I’m close to in that area is okay, having either left early or have made contact during the day today.

Frankly, I’m quite worried for Hung’s apartment in Galveston. There hasn’t been enough information about damage close enough to his location to really know what happened. There’s a rumor that an apartment in the general location of his complex sustained very heavy damage, but there are a number of complexes in his general area.

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Hurricane Ike #2

Hurricane Ike is 612 miles from Austin, heading toward Galveston at 12 MPH.

Galveston has a mandatory evacuation meaning that friends (with pets) are coming up to stay in Austin. AISD schools are closing early to help keep the roads clear, as well as many other Central Texas schools.

UT, short of changing athletic schedules and opening up parking garages for everyone, has not made any announcement regarding closures.

Our families are a bit worried about traveling during the storm. Vanessa and I are scheduled to be in Wichita Falls this weekend. Her parents, who were going to join us from The Woodlands, has canceled their trip. Before looking at everything, I think a Austin to Wichita Falls trip would not be terribly impacted by the hurricane.

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Hurricane Ike #1

Hurricane Ike is coming! Currently, the storm’s center is 850 miles from Austin, heading generally toward the city at 7 MPH. For much of the day today, the forecast had the storm nearing the Austin area landfall, still packing quite a punch.

We were planning on heading to Wichita Falls this weekend for a wedding shower, so we should be out of the way of the storm. The latest (10 pm) advisory had the storm moving more toward Houston and further away from Austin, as well as the Austin-WF highways.

Austin Emergency Operations

UT-Arkansas Game Postponed

I’m not sure when the last name a UT football game was moved for any reason, but this weekend, DKR will be quiet.

The game was moved to the bye week for both teams, September 27th. With it being ACL weekend, things could get quite interesting for finding hotels.

I wonder what the UT Conference Center will do since they probably already have bookings for that reason, but contractually gives rooms on game weekends to high-dollar donors.

The UCC’s tailgate this weekend, obviously, is canceled as well.