Hot Dog

a quick stop for a hot dog

Hot Dogs as of 06-05
I was in Oklahoma last week checking out the Blanchard Relay for Life. While there, they had hotdogs and remembering this grand quest of mine, I asked someone connected to the event to try to sneak me one.

She couldn’t and so I didn’t get a hotdog there. But, there was a Sonic’s down the street so I went corporate.

The best part about this hot dog was not the hot dog itself. I bought it on my way out of town (and thus out of state). While driving down US 62 towards I-44, I pondered how would be the best way to eat this chili-cheese hot dog while driving. I turn onto the I-44 on-ramp and see a toll booth in front of me. It’s automated requiring exact change, something I was not sure if I had. I stopped, backed onto the grass. While Christy and I searched for change, the timing seemed too much like fate to ignore.

I couldn’t find the fork that the usually put with these hot dogs. Without fear, I went for that hot dog without a fork. Soon, there was no doubt that real men don’t need forks. Another state’s hot dog was no more.

Then, I found the fork in the bottom of the bag.

At this point, we found the 25 cents we needed after digging through bags and change bins. We pull back onto the service road, deposit our two dimes and a nickel and never looked back.
Well, until the next day when we made the drive again. That’s a different story…

Hot Dog

hot dogs across america

As some of my friends already know, I have decided to start to quest to have a hot dog in every state. I’ve had hot dogs in more below but I am going to count only those since this summer when I decided.
Hot Dogs as of 11-04

After the Wrigley Field-less trip on the Chicago Transit system, we walk down the stairs of the Randolph/Wabash “L” station only to face a Gold Coast Hotdog storefront. It was as simple as could be. I ordered a “chicago dog” char-style. After a few minutes, and after I few minutes of listening to the employees talking about me in a foreign language after I corrected my order, my hot dog arrived with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, a pickle, hot peppers and celery salt. Honestly, it was the best hotdog I have ever had.

That was Thursday. Friday passes. On Saturday, we took a drive to Michigan, only to find a hot dog stand. We drove a few miles and could not find anything besides gas stations. At the last minute, we see a certified hot dog stand. A storefront selling nothing but hot dogs. We stop. Another chicago style hot dog. One trip, two states.

Saturday night, we head down to The Huttle, Notre Dame’s student union store. After midnight, they sell hot dogs for a quarter. No tax, just a quarter. It wasn’t a bad hotdog, plus it was only a quarter. One trip, three states. God must be smiling down upon my endeavor.