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  • This Exists.

    If only I could count the times I needed something to slice a hot dog and provide a cup for ketchup all at the same time.

  • Hot Dogs Across America—Flash Talk Edition

    In October, I joined 400 coworkers in Park City, Utah, for the annual all-hands Automattic Grand Meetup. During the weekend, everyone gives a 4-minute flash talk on any subject they would like. This year, Hot Dogs Across America. Hot Dogs Across America is my quest/challenge with Fischer to see who can eat a hot dog […]

  • Hot Dog Update

    As previously reported on this website, I was expecting to punch another notch in my hot dog belt this weekend with Louisiana during a trip for a friend’s wedding. With the impeding hurricane (more directly, the evacuation orders), Vanessa and I opted to cancel the trip. I was very sadden to miss the wedding, but […]

  • a different type of hotdog map

    I found this today and enjoyed playing with it. My test? Hot Dogs Across America CommunityWalk Map – Hot Dogs

  • $2 ain’t bad

    So far this summer, I’ve been a little bit of everywhere. In late May, I was in New York City for the Paulist Fathers’ Pre-Assembly. In June, I drove to Bapchule, AZ for Camp Bapchule. While I was in New York City, my mind was fixed on one subject. Hot Dogs. Since it is NYC, […]

  • please stop for a hotdog

    I was in Kansas this week for the Veritas Conference- a conference of the Big 12 Conference’s Catholic Campus Centers. While I was in the great and glorious state of Kansas, a “grey” state on my hot dog map, I had to find out more about Kansas hotdogs. Also, after the last day of the […]