I Didn’t Like GoDaddy Before It Was Cool

Companies have reputations. The majority of companies want to be seen as a leader in the marketplace and a global agent of change. Other companies are content—or strive—to be bottom of the barrel.

Two extremely popular Internet services companies top the list of companies of the latter. HostGator and GoDaddy.

photocredit: flickr/striatic

I started out with HostGator many, many years ago. I had an absolute horror of a nightmare with them. The story is for a different day, but in short, imagine if your website and e-mail were suspended during the middle of the night due to high usage without any explanation of what, specifically, had high usage, inability to access server logs to track down the problem and no recourse except to start paying for a monthly plan five times more expensive. Their CEO was in on the conversation thread and was unapologetic that my little blog in 2007 when no one read it was too popular for them to handle, but in the end, I was offline for three days—e-mail included.

I stuck it out with them for awhile.

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