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  • Genesis eNews Extended 2.1 Released

    Genesis eNews Extended 2.1 Released

    Genesis eNews Extended 2.1 is now available on WordPress.org. It has been a couple of years since a new version has been released—frankly, the plugin just works and it hasn’t needed much work. Please note this version requires WordPress 4.9.6 and will not be offered unless you’re running WordPress 4.9.6+. The European Union is preparing […]

  • Genesis eNews Extended 2.0

    Genesis eNews Extended 2.0

    Hold yer horses! Despite the major version bump, it isn’t a huge release! The changes are all under the hood, but there is a chance that the styling may break if your theme styles against the HTML ID of “subscribe”. Previously, all instances of the widget would have the HTML ID of “subscribe” on the […]

  • Genesis eNews Extended 1.3 Released

    Genesis eNews Extended 1.3 Released

    The latest and greatest version of Genesis eNews Extended has been pushed to the WordPress.org repo.This release adds two primary new features: Genesis 2.0/HTML 5 support and “userproofing” the Feedburner field. Genesis 2.0 and HTML 5 The next version of Genesis is in beta now, which means it’ll be released soon (likely around the same […]

  • Genesis eNews Extended Announced

    Genesis eNews Extended Announced

    Over on the StudioPress blog, you’ll read about Genesis 1.9 depreciating the native FeedBurner e-mail subscription widget and recommending Genesis eNews Extended. I love StudioPress’ themes—they look great, have solid logical structure for customizing, and a great community surrounding the product. Earlier this year, I ran into a problem. I wanted to use their stock […]