Death by Video Game

With Olivia being a two-year old, servant leadership at home is leadership by example. Anything I say or do is repeated back to me. The good and not so good. My eating and (lack of) exercise examples are not something I want her to pick up.

We fell into a bad habit of getting fast food for dinner once a week. Before kids, I didn’t really care about that. Olivia, though, loves french fries. She’d always have dinner before V brought home fast food, but we’d give her a couple of fries since she wanted to eat with us. Anytime “Mom is picking up something”, she’d start getting really excited for french fries. My two-year-old’s favorite food cannot cannot cannot be french fries.

Call it a New Year’s Solution started early (secular calendar) or late (ecclesiastical calendar), but we’ve decided to utilize a fitness program we were given for the Xbox and correct some of our eating habits. We jumped into it starting a few days after Christmas.

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