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  • Dropping Google Apps

    I’ve been using a G Suite/Google Apps/Gmail for your Domain address for a decade at least. Generally, this had been fine for me until relatively recently. I can’t do the following with them: Google Fi Google Fiber Family Sharing for Google Music/Apps/Movies All in all, it hasn’t been that much of a pain but with…

  • New WiFi

    New WiFi

    I swapped my old WiFi access points that never really worked that well together for a pair of Google WiFi mesh network APs. No complaints so far. I always anticipate WiFi connection issues will hit at some point, so I named the primary network “xmlrpc”. The guest network is welcometomy.casa, which, you guessed it, is…

  • Mueller: Kitty Hawk of Self-Driving Cars

    Mueller: Kitty Hawk of Self-Driving Cars

    Google announced this week that it spun off their self-driving car division into a new company within the Alphabet umbrella, Waymo. With the announcement, they also announced that they completed the first driverless event on a public roadway—transporting a blind gentleman alone in the car—in 2015 in my neighborhood. I’ve enjoyed our little Google Waymo friends…

  • It Begins!

    It Begins!

    The service isn’t on yet—they still need to lay their fiber to the house—but it is coming. We already have AT&T’s Gigabit service—for three years now—but Fiber is cheaper and I’m ready for a change since having AT&T for eight years as an ISP. It isn’t lost on me that we’ve gone from AT&T for…

  • “Okay Google, Drive Me Home”

    “Okay Google, Drive Me Home”

    Would you trust Google to drive your car home for you? Yes. Yes, I would.

  • Google’s Confusion

    Google is surprisingly knowledgeable on what to do when you have egg, dairy, et al allergies, thus a vegan that eats meat.