It Begins!

The service isn’t on yet—they still need to lay their fiber to the house—but it is coming. We already have AT&T’s Gigabit service—for three years now—but Fiber is cheaper and I’m ready for a change since having AT&T for eight years as an ISP.

It isn’t lost on me that we’ve gone from AT&T for all telecommunication access to soon-to-be all Google. Add in email, the web browser, and the actual cell phone, that’s a lot of data in their hands. I’m still mulling over what mitigation is required.






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  1. John Jr Avatar

    Hello Brandon Kraft,

    That is a lot of data, for several years now Google has scored higher on the EFF’s Who Has Your Back? Protecting Your Data From Government Requests list than AT&T so that is a good thing I guess, and for years now it has been known that AT&T is collecting and sharing and giving access to some of your data to various groups for example:

    Good luck, and do not forget to make sure that all of your cables and routers and network cards et cetera are capable of supporting the maximum speed of your future internet service. 😉

    Do you plan on trying the future Twenty Seventeen theme on this blog?

    I was surprised this year when you did not start using/testing the next default WordPress theme before it comes out, your blog was one of the few places where I could see future default WordPress themes live, and so I had grown used to stopping by the last two years to see those themes early. 😀

    -John Jr

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