PHP 7!

After running HHVM with a PHP 5.6 fallback for about six months, I switched over to PHP 7. Initially, left HHVM on as a fallback to PHP (ha), but after a week, Nginx never attempted to use HHVM.

Checking the average memory consumption, on an average day, never-used HHVM was using more memory than serving-everything PHP 7, so I removed HHVM.

A handful of plugins on the site threw some notices, mainly due PHP 7 deprecating the PHP 4 method of constructing a class. Otherwise, smooth sailing. in Full HHVM Glory

If having a multi-network multi-site wasn’t enough of an edge case, I sidestepped over from PHP-FPM to HHVM. The former is used with NGINX to actually process the PHP code of a given site. HHVM is Facebook’s driven effort to the next generation of PHP in terms of performance. The goal is parity with PHP 5, but, in short, done better to make it faster.

You can read more about HHVM at their official site.

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