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  • Facepile Lives

    Rough, but any new ‘like’ webmention to my site will be given a ‘like’ custom comment type and displayed in a facepile. Still need to convert the existing ones. See both previous (for now) and new likes on this post about Fr. Bill. Also on: Twitter Twitter

  • Adoption by Stealth

    Adoption by Stealth

    Colin Walker mentioned my earlier piece on the Open Web and tied back to an earlier piece on “Adoption by Stealth“. In the end, I think technology adoption by stealth is the only way to make an idea dominant. With the open web (I use that term intentionally since “Indie Web” is much more of…

  • The Open Web

    The Open Web

    The most powerful aspect of the Internet is the open web. From the very beginning, there has been a conflict with on one side walled gardens and closed networks with open standards and interoperability on the other. My first experience with an online world was dial-up into AOL and exploring their internal experiences. Only rarely…

  • I have an itch to get a number of people in the same virtual room and make a strong modern indieweb standards push into either Jetpack or Core. Also on: Twitter Facebook