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Facepile Lives

Rough, but any new ‘like’ webmention to my site will be given a ‘like’ custom comment type and displayed in a facepile. Still need to convert the existing ones.

See both previous (for now) and new likes on this post about Fr. Bill.

By Brandon Kraft

My life is an open-source book.

6 replies on “Facepile Lives

Yeah! Exactly. Going to look at building alongside the core Feature Plugin for emoji reactions so a webmention reaction adds to the count.

Right now, I’m just playing to see how it feels and absolutely offer anything I get working upstream.

Alright, I’ve converted over all existing webmention likes/reposts and added a facepile for reposts too. Two problems still outstanding: 1. Non-square avatars break the design and 2. How to handle 404ing avatars.

Photon to the rescue for non-square avatars. Picking up on where semantic links left off:

add_filter( 'pre_get_avatar_data', 'bk_photonize_comment_avatars', 12 );
function bk_photonize_comment_avatars( $args ) {
	if ( isset( $args['url'] ) && ! is_null( $args['url'] ) && function_exists( 'jetpack_photon_url') ) {
		$size = apply_filters( 'genesis_comment_list_args', array( 'avatar_size' => 30 ) );
		$size = $size['avatar_size'];
		$args['url'] = jetpack_photon_url( $args['url'], array( 'resize' => array( $size, $size ) ) ) ;
	return $args;


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