Fr. Bill Day

June 28th will be “Fr. Bill Day” in Austin, thanks to the City Council. He’s done good in his time here and wish him well in his new ministry as Bishop of Pensacola-Tallahassee.



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126 responses to “Fr. Bill Day

  1. Laura Reynolds Avatar

    Let’s make it a national holiday!

    1. Juan Tellez Sandoval Avatar

      Pressure is on you now Father Ed Koharchik to become a Bishop and get your own day in Austin

      1. Ed Koharchik Avatar

        HA! That’ll never happen!

        1. Thomas J Koharchik Avatar

          Know any rich old ladies as in the Thornbirds?

            1. Thomas J Koharchik Avatar

              Should we start a go fund me to raise a bribe?

              1. Ed Koharchik Avatar

                I’ll never tell

  2. Ryan Barrett Avatar

    awesome! can’t wait! oh man and i also love that example of an FB reply chain that got recreated with threading intact.

  3. Amanda J. Rush Avatar

    This is a really cool implementation!

  4. Amanda J. Rush Avatar

    It’s also very accessible.

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