My Official Statement on Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese

Kraft has released a new flavor of Mac & Cheese (or Kraft Dinner for my Canadian friends)—Pumpkin Spice Mac and Cheese.

Ignoring that I am finding it impossible to type “Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese” without having to delete “latte”, I wish to clarify my position on it.

I’ve never tried it. I don’t plan on it. Despite being my namesake and a brand that I have long, fond memories growing up surrounded by and helping me form my identity, we don’t eat much Kraft food.

My eldest is allergic to dairy, so mac and cheese just isn’t a staple in these parts.

Nevertheless, if it rocks your world, good for you. Who am I to judge? Perhaps in a couple generations, kids will be shocked to hear that we didn’t assume “pumpkin spice” when making mac and cheese.

While being the only gringo in a Latina household, we can’t believe people pay $15 for a piece of avocado toast. For us, that’s just a quick and easy snack because we always have bread and avocados handy.

But, for a generation, it is a thing. Maybe this is that too.

For me and my household, though, the only pumpkin spice anything we will be eating is my wife’s cookies. And maybe Starbucks pumpkin scone.

That Time CNN Interviews You…

Don’t tweet @Velveeta about Super Bowl queso – Video – Technology

Around Thanksgiving, Abby from CNN reached out wanting to do a story about my Internet-famous Twitter confusion and when she realized that both @Velveeta and I lived in Austin, it was the tipping point for her to fly out to visit with us.

It was quite a bit of fun for the whole interview process (amazing how much time goes into a three-minute spot). Still to this day, I haven’t met @Velveeta in person.

If you haven’t seen it, I talk about it more in-depth in this four-minute piece from 2013 and then when Kraft Foods sent me more cheese later in 2014.

I’ve had a little press about it including the New York Daily News and Digiday before, but this was the first video piece.

As @Velveeta tweeted me tonight, we’re both bracing ourselves. The Twitter mentions have already started to flow in.


Beating a celebrity, company to the obvious Twitter handle – NY Daily News

These Twitter users secured a handle that others would associate with a celebrity or a major company. They couldn’t be happier.

Source: Beating a celebrity, company to the obvious Twitter handle – NY Daily News

I’m Internet famous again! NY Daily News wrote a piece about me, @velveeta, and other not-you-who’d-think Twitterers.

If you’re new around here, check out my 4-minute presentation about the name or the care package @KraftFoods sent later on.

There has been a small number of stories written about folks like me, though, this is the best so far, I think.

Tech Companies Need Cheese!

Letter inviting me to join a class action lawsuit for bulk purchasing cheese.

If Brandon Kraft Tech Services bought milk or cheese directly from the DFA…

Of all of the questioning, misidentification from being @kraft and generally with having the last night, this is the most amusing. Probably not the best use of resources to junk mail thing with Kraft in the title…

Kraft and Kraft Cheese: Friends Forever

I like cheese. It comes with the territory with a last name like Kraft.

Even since I was young, being associated with Mac and Cheese or Velveeta is just part of the gig. There was never much to it until I heard of Twitter, and one day, decided to sign up with the user name that matched what everyone called me: Kraft.

I’ve spilled enough bytes on that, namely in my recent flash talk at Automattic‘s last all-company meetup and then in a recent article written about me and other Twittergängers published by Digiday.

Recently, after the latest article went out, I received a fun note in my inbox from the public relations firm that works with Kraft Foods/Kraft Cheese asking for my address and noting they wanted to help our family out with grilled cheese after seeing this tweet from Vanessa and to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day tomorrow:

I’m not one to turn down cheesy things from Kraft, so sure. Let’s do it.

Kraft Cheese BoxThis morning, I paced back and forth, waiting for UPS. The e-mail said promised by 10:30 a.m. The minutes ticked by, slowly, slowly, slowly. I couldn’t handle the wait.

Then, finally. UPS delivered an overnight package. The return label said “Kraft Foods Global”. I ripped open the box to find a note and a cooler full of cold packs.

Letter from Kraft Cheese

Kraft Cheese OpenAfter opening the package, jackpot!

Cheese! Golden cheese!

I kept pulling out package, after package. Sliced cheese. Kraft Singles. Colby Jack. Cheddar. Mozzarella. Monterey Jack. Swiss. Havarti.

It can’t stop. It won’t stop.

It was beautiful.

Kraft Cheeses

Thank you, Kraft Cheese, for being a good sport about a random guy in Texas having the kraft Twitter handle and for providing us with lunch.

Making Grilled Cheese

Catalina Eating Grilled CheeseKid tested. Mother approved.

Er, wait, wrong brand. Don’t tweet them.