Kraft and Kraft Cheese: Friends Forever

I like cheese. It comes with the territory with a last name like Kraft.

Even since I was young, being associated with Mac and Cheese or Velveeta is just part of the gig. There was never much to it until I heard of Twitter, and one day, decided to sign up with the user name that matched what everyone called me: Kraft.

I’ve spilled enough bytes on that, namely in my recent flash talk at Automattic‘s last all-company meetup and then in a recent article written about me and other Twittergängers published by Digiday.

Recently, after the latest article went out, I received a fun note in my inbox from the public relations firm that works with Kraft Foods/Kraft Cheese asking for my address and noting they wanted to help our family out with grilled cheese after seeing this tweet from Vanessa and to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day tomorrow:

I’m not one to turn down cheesy things from Kraft, so sure. Let’s do it.

Kraft Cheese Box

This morning, I paced back and forth, waiting for UPS. The e-mail said promised by 10:30 a.m. The minutes ticked by, slowly, slowly, slowly. I couldn’t handle the wait.

Then, finally. UPS delivered an overnight package. The return label said “Kraft Foods Global”. I ripped open the box to find a note and a cooler full of cold packs.

Letter from Kraft Cheese
Kraft Cheese Open

After opening the package, jackpot!

Cheese! Golden cheese!

I kept pulling out package, after package. Sliced cheese. Kraft Singles. Colby Jack. Cheddar. Mozzarella. Monterey Jack. Swiss. Havarti.

It can’t stop. It won’t stop.

It was beautiful.

Kraft Cheeses

Thank you, Kraft Cheese, for being a good sport about a random guy in Texas having the kraft Twitter handle and for providing us with lunch.

Making Grilled Cheese
Catalina Eating Grilled Cheese

Kid tested. Mother approved.

Er, wait, wrong brand. Don’t tweet them.






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  2. Crunchedd Avatar

    Thats a very lucky you!

  3. Mormon Soprano Avatar

    That’s it. I’m changing my last name to Nestle!

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