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  • Keeping It Clean

    I went through my debug log tonight, which had been a bit long mainly due to older plugins throwing warnings in PHP 7. Of four plugins generating PHP 7 warnings, two had merged-but-unreleased fixes, one has a pending PR that I could apply and confirm working, and wrote a PR for the last one. Clean…

  • PHP 7!

    PHP 7!

    After running HHVM with a PHP 5.6 fallback for about six months, I switched over to PHP 7. Initially, left HHVM on as a fallback to PHP (ha), but after a week, Nginx never attempted to use HHVM. Checking the average memory consumption, on an average day, never-used HHVM was using more memory than serving-everything PHP…

  • HHVM Fallback Added

    HHVM Fallback Added

    I updated my HHVM post to include notes about using PHP-FPM as a fallback for when HHVM fails.

  • Kraft.im in Full HHVM Glory

    Kraft.im in Full HHVM Glory

    I thought migrating from PHP-FPM to HHVM would be a hell of a process. I was wrong.