Standard Post Format: The Forgotten Format

WordPress supports a variety of “post formats” that themes can use to help display different forms of content in different ways. On my current theme, I’ve been photoblogging, yet due to the joy of post formats, they’re all tidying in their own place (on the sidebar and at a special link). This is really cool to me since I can put more of my content out there without needing to register custom post types or worry about changing themes and having everything go to hell.

The problem came tonight when I needed to reactivate my MailChimp campaign. I didn’t want to annoy my subscribers with every silly picture taken while at a company meetup, so I disabled it. Since each post format has an URL in the style of /type/[post-format], so I assumed /type/standard would work for the standard post format.

It didn’t.

Surprised, I went looking for an answer. Read More