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  • Dvorak Frustration

    I absolutely underestimated my level of frustration from not being able to get my ideas out of my head.

  • Kickstarter is Throwing Away Your Money

    Kickstarter is Throwing Away Your Money

    When you back a project on Kickstarter, you might as well think of it as throwing your money away. With the latest chatter about Pressgram, which ink spilled elsewhere is sufficient, one simplistic summary is some folks expected one thing and the end result delivered another. I’m a Kickstarter fan. I’ve backed numerous projects (though, […]

  • Occupy Austin

    Last night, around 11 p.m., the Austin Police Department proceeded in an enforcement action of new policies established by the City of Austin concerning usage of the public areas of City Hall. In layterms, they evicted the protest. I’m torn on this issue. The first amendment freedom of assembly is extremely important. We, as citizenry, have […]

  • SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor: Soft on Crime! (Satire)

    With my Senatorial posts this week serving their purpose in my rant department, I’m offering to you a parody reaction to a Sesame Street skit aired on Wednesday. <satire type=”political judicial”> Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor appeared as a guest star on an episode during the current, 42nd season of Sesame Street. I’m not a follower of […]

  • Respect for the Office

    I’m calling an audible and changing up my schedule for the week. Tomorrow’s post is a follow up that focuses on my thoughts on leadership as demonstrated in what happened in today’s post. Leadership is a privilege. We are all called to some form of leadership: in our homes, workplaces and the civic and church communities. However, positions of leadership are […]

  • Saturday Rant: Dublin Dr Pepper

    I’ve loved Dr Pepper my entire life. When I was young, around 6, my sister, Laura, would show off one of my tricks—I’d go to the restaurant that she worked at with her while she was off work, when asked what I wanted to drink, my response would be “What the doctor ordered!”. For most of my […]