Go Big or Go Home


Runners grabbing water during a marathon

I didn’t look this happy when I ran a marathon (Photo Credit: flickr.com/nordearigamarathon/)

The crowning achievement of my athletic life was the 2008 Austin Marathon. Ran (more or less) 26.2 miles. If you’ve met me in person, I would be the last person you’d expect to run a marathon; nevertheless, I did it.

That was also my last major exercise achievement. I ran a half-marathon in 2010, but without training and very poorly. Vanessa hasn’t run since the 2008 marathon and, in the mean time, got married and had two kids.

When we saw a Facebook Deal for 50% off registration for a half-marathon in October, it caught my interest. When I saw that the start/finish line was in a park a block away from my house, it kept my interest. I mentioned it to Vanessa, expecting her to flush the idea out of my mind. Read More