bought some books

Academia. It’s that bittersweet beast which all of us in college subject ourselves to for better or for worse. The other day, I went to the MSU Bookstore to purchase my books for Summer I. All used books, not including one that I already owned, came to a grand total of $194. Well, I’m still not very sure on this but it sounds like one of courses also requires me to purchase an access code from WebCT. That is something that well, I just don’t like. I’ll grant that this e-pack will have material that may not be presented, or presented as well, in the book. I really doubt I’ll use it though.
Anyhow, I begin classes on Monday. I have my first test, over chapters 1-5 of the sociology text on June 9th. For that course, it’ll be about 100 pages of reading a week with one test a week administered online at my convenience (as long as it is submitted on or before June 9th). I have yet to hear about art or political science. Political Science doesn’t really scare me at all. Art Appreciation, well, I have the feeling it’ll include memorizing a large amount of artwork. I can do that though, right? The classes are for two hours a day, Monday through Thursday through the first week of July. Due to budget issues, there will be no university operations at MSU on Fridays. I can handle that. 🙂 I’ll keep you all updated on how things are going on here though.
Most, if not all, the people I have talked to think I’m crazy for attempting sixteen hours in a summer session. Well, perhaps I am. To underscore my reasoning though, my first year was not a great one- all told, I failed to complete a semester at full-time. My idea is to catch up this summer and try to get myself in a mindset of work. We’ll see if it works.
Lastly, Chris from Cyberstation called wondering whatever happened to my website. Hmm… yeah, I was pretty sure I had said I already switched providers in e-mails to him before. I think he’s just trying to save some business- yeah, a little late for that.






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