btt and austin

It’s about time that I got back to writing a musing. First things first, a little plug- Before The Throne, the Praise and Worship Ministry at the University Catholic Center that Michael Raia and I started now has a Demo CD! I’ll make a page for the songs later but feel free to get a sneak peek.
School is finally out and I’m not too sure what to do with myself. I went home for a couple of days and then I found myself (see below) driving back to Austin and staying at a friend’s apartment. Sure, I had things to do in Austin and Wichita Falls both but I had no real reason to drive back so fast. Nor do I have a real reason on why I shouldn’t have. I enjoy being in Austin more I believe but most everyone is not here. Almost everyone has driven back to their respective homes. I think going home will be good for me though. It’ll be great to hang out with a few people I haven’t seen much of in the last nine or so months.






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