job hunt

The Great American Job Hunt. Why do they call it that? It’s not a great experience at all from what I know. I spent most of the day today dressed up in a suit going to so many different businesses only to have most of them flat deny me or give me one of those standard “we won’t consider it but I’ll tell you we will.” What is killing me is that I will just be a summer employee- nothing more. I’m not exactly something businesses in Wichita Falls needs.
Food service is always an option. I was hoping to stay away from that though. My Food Handler’s Card for Wichita County expired earlier this month so I would have to go through that sad sad training again. It’s just something I really don’t want to do anymore. I have experience in other things. I’m not saying food service is a bad job but I don’t like to settle for something when I know I can do more. That’s all for now.






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