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Ok, I just made myself mad. I had written a decent-sized entry and then I deleted it on accident. I don’t do that too often and it really bugs me whenever I do. I’ll try to recreate the post…
I decided to start more of a weblog layout to the site. Recently, I haven’t had either the time or the inspiration to write a long musing at any one time. However, I have had small amounts of both many times so I’m going to post small nuggets whenever I have the urge in a somewhat weekly format. I’ll play with it a little but just so you know, look out for it. Also, Cyberstation still sucks. I’m using them for dial-up ISP access now and they still don’t understand that I cancelled my webhosting services with them (after they stopped providing me service). The Cyberstation nameserver still points brandonkraft.com to their servers so I can’t even see my website! (A nameserver is what directs traffic to brandonkraft.com or any other named site to the numeric IP address of the server. Most IPs run their own using information sent out by the different domain name registrars- hence why it takes between 24 and 48 hours many times for a new- or changed- domain name to be seen by everyone.) In short, if you see any problems, please let me know as I can’t view the pages after going through server-side processing.
Yesterday, I paid my tuition for Summer I at Midwestern State University. I realized how much I really do enjoy The University of Texas. I say that in this context simply because of how smooth everything, for me, as been in Austin. I worked for the University- I applied online, filled out I-9, W-4s online, submitted time sheets online. I attended classes at the University- I submit some assignments online, check grades online, check out offline assignments on the class’ website, I check and pay all my bills online, change my addresses and phone numbers online, appealed my parking ticket online, priced and bought my books from the Co-Op online, checked buyback prices online, etc. At Midwestern, after surfing their site, I seriously think I had the one professor last summer who actually has a website. I haven’t had a class at UT yet that didn’t use either make their own site or used a template site like Blackboard or Nicenet. MSU does have online registration but honestly, I bugged me to death. Every five minutes, I had to log-in again- using my SSN I might add. I wanted to override a prereq for a course- I couldn’t do it online. Hell, I couldn’t even do it over the phone. I suppose it isn’t that bad but I am thankful I’m a Longhorn.
Well, for the moment, I’m going to go and be productive outside the virtual world.






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