education is expensive

I went down today to Rother’s Bookstore today to purchase my books for the Summer II term at MSU. The books- all used- cost me $229.33! That’s more than the entire long semester (fall and spring) at UT!!
It included a dissection kit. I never realized the university wouldn’t provide lab tools. That just bothers me. I bought used dissection tools. Ugh.






5 responses to “education is expensive

  1. Shellie Avatar

    excuse me?! We don’t “cheer”…we yell. hehe

  2. Kraft Avatar

    If you notice, I changed the title to \”yell\” in order to satifsy the masses…

  3. Michael Tinkler Avatar

    ONLY start a Ph.D. program if you want to teach. If you’re doing it to stall on deciding something else, at least go earn a living working retail. That way you’ll have time to read books you want to read rather than having to read books other people think you should read.
    Of course, I went straight into a Ph.D. program and never exactly regretted it. But then if you’re not married the 13 years it took me and the 5 years after that before I got a tenure track offer only has financial consequences for ME.

  4. Dawn Avatar

    while that thong man idea cant be described with anything but, CLASSIC… i think the votes have it– dude, ya gotta go into journalism!! or maybe you could go into your pastoral studies or history and just do freelance writing.. i dunno. but dont let your insight go to waste! 🙂

  5. Brandon Avatar

    I know- I don’t need to post to my own weblog but I don’t want to log back on and whatnot… I might make this a real post later but for now, this is what a friend and I had to say about this…
    Friend: who’d have thought Santa was a pervert
    Me: if you were, that would be the perfect job though
    Me: where else could you say “hey stranger, come sit on my lap” and not be hit
    Friend: lol
    Friend: true
    Friend: okay, now I’m worried
    Friend: I’m not taking my kids to see him
    Friend: you’ve destroyed a childhood icon
    Friend: good job! 😀
    Me: i do what i can

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