offbeat news for 7/10

Giant preschoolers wrestle, eat ice cream (story from cnn)
Injured dog limps to hospital (story from cnn)
Man wakes up after 20 year coma (story from cnews)
Sony Recalls 18,000 Laptops (story from reuters uk)
Whoa. Everything in this issue is from free sites so I won’t recap it too much. This preschooler is 4 years old and weighs like 130 pounds. That’s a bit much. And to think, Japan makes fun of the United States for being fat.
What can I say about this? It’s just one kick ass dog. I say this dog, who walked to the hospital after being hit by a car, has topped out the cat-like dog for being the coolest dog ever. Seriously. No joking around with a title like that.
All I want to say is I hope he doesn’t dress like they did in 1984…
The headline sounds simple enough. Sony is recalling some laptops. Big deal. Recalls happen. Check out why they are recalling these laptops:
“a user could receive a shock if ‘you have connected your PC (laptop) to external power, you have disabled your phone line, (while) simultaneously being connected to a grounded peripheral, and you are touching a metal part of the PC, and your phone rings’.”
That’s right folks, ya know how often we all do that. I’m glad my laptop is external-power-disabled-phone-line-while-touching-a-grounded-peripheral-and-a-metal-part-and-the-phone-rings certified.






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