one week down, four to go

Wow, talk about a long week folks. This was the first week of the Summer II semester at Midwestern State University and simply put, it was long.
Classes start at 7 am- I’ve never had a regular, every day event at that time so getting used to such a radical schedule has been something else this week. Likewise, I have a long lab twice a week- something I’ve only had once before and that was once a week and chemistry.
I can’t complain all that much I did want to do this but the transition has been an interesting one. At least I only have 16 more class days with 8 more labs. I’ll be sure to try to write more around Sunday night when I (should) be well rested for the next week. Also, I’ll try to put back some old favorites on here- like the counter. I’m not sure what Shellie is doing now that I don’t have a counter for her to watch ;-). Don’t worry though, I have access logs so I’ll update the counter to the proper number.






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