talk about a grand opening

Mishap Mars Opening of Constitution Museum (registration required)
This tripped me out. There was a new constitutional museum being dedicated and opening yesterday up in Philadelpha. From the story:

The opening of the National Constitution Center, a museum devoted to the United States Constitution, was marred today when a huge wood and steel frame collapsed, injuring several people and narrowly missing Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

The frame, which was at least 15 feet high, slowly toppled as the guests of honor at the ceremony pulled red, white and blue streamers that were supposed to trigger the drop of a screen at the museum’s front entrance on Independence Mall.

Instead, the streamers pulled down the frame, which fell on Mayor John F. Street of Philadelphia, Senator Arlen Specter and other officials.

It was only minor injuries all the way around but all the same.
“A Constitution Center spokeswoman said officials were trying to determine what went wrong.” — how about this idea. Maybe it wasn’t supported? How about that? I mean I know I was only designated a civil engineering student but never took any courses but to me that works. Or here is another idea- it wasn’t supported AND you pulled streamers on it. That might have done it too.






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