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After reading Fr. Jim’s entry about his Myers-Briggs test results, I figure I would post mine as well.
Your personality type is INTJ.
Introverted (I) 82% Extraverted (E) 18%
Intuitive (N) 82% Sensing (S) 18%
Thinking (T) 75% Feeling (F) 25%
Judging (J) 68% Perceiving (P) 32%
Alright- what does that mean? Typelogic has an in-depth look at what you can assume about me.

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  1. Since I’m ESFJ, that works out well in our friendship with each other. We’re both judgemental but see different sides to arguements. So there is much for us to ‘discuss’. We never bore each other and probably never will. And, according to the website, we find each other a novelty…yeah, I could totally see that.:-)


  2. Fr Jim Tucker August 18, 2003 at 14:54

    Thanks for the help. I’ll publish a compilation of scores soon.


  3. I am a INFJ……so we are pretty darn close…..I took the test in my University class last year *dang has it been that long??* but I am 60/40 to being an extrovert (who would have guessed????) Anyways…. keep up the personality dig! hehe 🙂 mucho love


    1. I lied- I am a INFP- which is more like me! But I thought I would fix my comment. No reason have my personality wrong! hehe


  4. Yup- you are my advisor (have you ever advised me??)


    1. Advised you? I\’m sure… although usually, it was more of a \”Kari- I have no idea what to do about [insert name here].\” If you can call that me being an advisor, sure! 😉


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