two months old but funny

China Paper Bites on Onion Gag (
First off, yes this is late. Very late. This happened in early June- but this is the first time I ran across it and I thought most of y’all might like the little laugh that it would give you. We all know and love The Onion for it’s news-parodies. One Bejing newspaper didn’t understand the concept of a parody.
The newspaper published a story that was based on The Onion’s story of Congress threatening to leave if a new Capitol isn’t built. The parody was designed to mock new great American institutions: baseball and Congress but the 1.25 million readers of the Beijing Evening News are waiting to see if Congress will in fact leave D.C. for a community more willing to support them.
What’s next? Will they reprint the story about how Former President Carter is going to be tried for peace crimes? Only time will tell…






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