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From Kelly’s Xanga site which interestingly enough has become like a Brandon Kraft site….
ARGH! Ok so I am soooo annoyed right now at UT Parking and Transportation. So I get to school, an hour and a half before my class so I can be sure to get handicapped parking in F11 and despite my effort, all 3 of them are taken. So I cruise on over to the parking attendant near Jester and ask for a temporary F11 pass until 2, when my classes end. So he says, well you can park over by the Sanchez building and I explain that that’s not an option because I can’t walk and I’m trying to go to the Geology building. And then he asks what my disability is and I’m like, that’s none of your damn business but I say “I’m on crutches and I can’t go that far”. So he’s like, “Well I don’t see any crutches in your car” and I’m like “they’re in the back seat if you actually looked”.
By this point I’m so annoyed and I want to cry but I’m like, I’m not putting up with this crap so I say to him, “I don’t really appreciate you questioning my disability, it’s really hard to not have the option of walking wherever you want and I think you should realize that people are sensitive about this sort of thing.” And he launches into this thing about how he sees people park in handicapped spaces and then run to the gym when people in wheelchairs need the spot and I’m like, “Well I have a wheelchair in the trunk too, so that’s clearly not the case here.”
How thoroughly annoying. I realize people use handicapped passes when they don’t need it but it is so unprofessional to question someone about a physical disability. It was like he expected me to launch into detail about my injury to a total stranger. I had both state and university issued permits, that’s all he needed to know.
I’m also proud of myself for standing up to him. This sort of thing helps me to see the world through different eyes and appreciate the struggles people who are permanently disabled have to face their entire life.






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