when i say old school…

First off, when I say “Old School” as in my previous post (and I took Fr. Jim’s entry the same way), I am not referring to the Tridentine Mass (Missal of 1962). I’ve never been to a Tridentine Mass. I’m Novus Ordo through and through.
When I disagree with “modern” liturgy, I mean to say I disagree with what so many parishes have started to do. I like altar servers at Mass. I like incense to be used every so often. I like a priest who seems like he cares about the Body and Blood of Christ when he’s on the altar. I like a parish that listens to their bishop every so often instead of getting upset at him for anything and everything. I like a church that has a Eucharistic Chapel that has more kneelers than enough for only two people. I like a parish that pays a little attention to the traditional aspects of the Mass that the Novus Ordo includes. I like a parish that teaches Church teachings as they really as and not as they think they should be. I like a parish that embraces Catholicism with all it’s weird old traditions as well as the possibility for innovations where allowed.
Do I want the Church like it was before the Council of Vatican II? Of course not! Vatican II did so many things right. The Novus Ordo Mass, while not part of Vatican II, I like. I love the Mass- the Novus Ordo Mass- the only one I know. Could I handle everything in Latin? Probably not. Would I like a little Latin every so often? Yes. Kyrie Eleison or something. We are the Latin-rite Catholic Church. Gregorian Chant? Throw a little in. Maybe just part of the Euchartistic Prayer. Maybe once a month. Maybe once a year. Be open to that it is a traditional form in our Church and it isn’t something to run away from.
At the same time, do I think music written in the past 100 years is evil and should be burned before it sends us to hell? Of course not. The Worship Hymnal from GIA- I own a copy I like it so much. Yeah, I bought one from my parish church back home because I really like the music in it. I would have bought the Gather companion but I simply didn’t have the money. When I say old school- I refer to the traditional things about our Church- not a complete renewal of old ways. I refer to someone acknowledging that our church has aspects about it that are older than 30 years and not think everything has to be about the present and now.
I just finished a long day of driving so this may have been harsh but it’s true. I never meant to imply I did not like the Novus Ordo or anything of the sort. I do have an affinity for a bit more tradition than the average joe and moreso that what is suggested. But, that is not close to what I’m referring to. I read materials from Rome. I read materials from the U.S. Bishops. I read material from my own bishop. I like what I read. I just want to see it in action.






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  1. andrea Avatar

    I completely agree that one of the saddest things happening in our liturgy today is a loss of tradition. Yes, things were changed with Vatican II, however, our holy bishops didn’t intend for all tradition in the mass to go down the toilet. Good for you for expecting more! I don’t want to be fed a bunch of lukewarm, kumbaya crap!!!! I want the truth! And in liturgy, truth lies in tradition!!
    Hope you’re having a good one Brandon!

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