a deep dark night

For most things personal, I would most an entry in my private blog that virtually no one knows about or has access to; however, I feel like using the public site for a little soapbox. My website, my rules, eh?

There are many trying times that face all of us, as individuals, as groups, as a people. Those trying times- those desperate times- call for desperate measures. At the same time, those measures, to be effective and fully productive, must not be rushed into place because times are desperate. For something that needs to be done and needs to be done now, the right things must still be done. Compromise to get things done? Yes. Rush to get something not thought out in place? No. We might know primary goals and secondary goals. We might know how to reach our primary goals period.

That is not acceptable by itself without looking at the secondary goals as well. A method that is best for all the goals is required. Does that mean it might take a little extra time or work? Or that we might not get every aspect of every goal complete to the letter? Yes. If people have sat together and talked about issues, work with those people. Of course, you are your own person and you do what you will; however, try to work with people rather than outside or against them.

Secondly, just because you are part of a group of people, that does not mean every piece of information is fair game to everyone. Most issues? Sure. Every piece? Not always. It seriously bothers me when people feel like they must know everything. I have fallen to this as well but I know that I do not always need to know everything. I might not like it but I try to remember that. Sometimes, issues are minor and getting everyone involved really isn’t an efficient use of time nor a productive one. That said, it is even more true when the information conferred is replied to with simply- talk to the rest of the group, wait until then to act, pray about it, don’t work against the group or separate from the group.
People feel like they can trust me, I like to think and try to ensure that there is a good reason for doing so. With trust, many times people want to mention things to me before they are ready to talk to everyone about it.

Sometimes just to practice saying it, sometimes because they need to and have no one else to say it to, sometimes because they know the idea is raw and want some initial feedback before throwing it out into the deep end. Sometimes, they need feedback and they need to be open but being open makes them vunerable. In that case, going to someone you feel like you can trust is important. In cases of trust, it is not my place to break that trust without a very sound and due reason with a default of simply keeping the trust period. I do slip and that is something I am aware of and so working on ensuring doesn’t happen. The point- some things aren’t ready to become public. Whether that means public to a group or public to the world, that doesn’t matter. Also, the timing is important as well. Information may become public but exactly the time and the manner could completely change the dynamic.

A case in point- the new Lambda constitution. It was presented, at the fault of myself as well as others, in a very poorly-planned way. The result was a brutal battle that was not about the information itself more or less- in this case the constitution- but more about how it was presented. If we presented it better, it would have been received better and everyone would have felt better about it- even if they disagreed with it. Things like that need to be kept in mind as well. The truth will set you free- yes. The better timed and better presented the truth is, the more people will listen to it and the more will be affected. Jesus waited until he was 30 to start his ministry. He picked the right time, the right way. The apostles didn’t know all the details- both from Jesus or from each other. We are all called to be the apostles and disciples of today and one of the things we have to remember is to have faith in God and in one another. Through faith, hope and love, we are able to give glory to God.
That’s my soapbox for today.






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