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If you know me, you know I like stats on my site. Now, I open up and share them with everyone. site report.
I always like looking at the search phrases and keywords. I have everything from “college slackers” (rank 1, ironic eh?) to “hooters girls, el paso” (rank 37).
How do people find me? Most everyone just does (i.e. doesn’t click on a link or via AIM or something like that). A good amount finds the link via my Xanga site with other Xanga users following.
Speaking of Xanga- all of you who visit with Xanga sites, would it be helpful if I posted a Xanga entry saying I updated this site? Just let me know.
It’s past my bed time. Good night all!






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  1. Kelly Avatar

    Hey I’m number 4 on your top authenticated user list. And you’re number one, so that makes me really number 3. I’m number 3! That makes me like the bronze medalist of!

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