yay school

Welcome back to the world of Kraft. Awakening has wrapped up and I’ve given myself a week to kill before writing in this again. I write this as I should be studying for a test I have tomorrow morning. I’m not all that worried about it but all the same.
This semester so far has been a learning semester for me. Last semester, I went through growth- now I’m learning what that growth really means. The problem- and beauty- with growing is that it can change your worldview- your philosophy of life; it can rattle you.
And so now, as I study the philosophy of Chesteron, Decartes and Kant, I have to study the philosophy of Kraft. I have no formal proofs of God nor a study of how we know what we know; however, I have to explore, find, learn and study what concepts Kraftonian philosophy entails. To my benefit, Christian thought provides much of the basics- I know I am more than a body. I know I have a soul. I know the origin of that soul is from God and that I need no proof of his existance for it is clear to me, etc. The questions of what is purpose, who defines this purpose, the community greater than the individual or the individual greater than the community (or, as is probably the case, the meeting of the two), etc are not yet fully known.
Anyhow, I need to study.






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