teen girl squad

Kelly and I went to TGIFriday’s last night for a little dinner and saw the real-life Teen Girl Squad. There was a group of eight girls, probably in junior high. No way they were high school. It was just comical. It was one of the girl’s birthday and having a balloon tied to her wrist and to her hair was, I think, the funniest thing that has ever happened to her with the way her face looked.
It was our guess that they were the popular kids in their school; they all had makeup on and skirts I don’t think I would let my daughter wear until they were out of the house. Tip for any future parents out there- when you let your daughters wear short skirts, teach them first the right and the wrong way of getting out of a booth. Kelly caught that one and well, it’s a lesson these girls should have been taught.
Kelly and I felt old while watching them. We were the old couple going “those pesky kids these days. Laughing at balloons! In my day, girls wore anti-makeup to make them look less grown-up….”






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  1. Kelly Avatar

    I think it probably was the funiest thing. When you’re 12 you haven’t had much happen to you yet…and hopefully you haven’t started drinking yet, which is really when things start to get absurd…

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