mazda- why?

I have a PO Box on campus; one of the small ones that is just big enough for a CD case to fix in it. When you have a PO Box and you receive an item that is too big for the box, the USPS gives you a yellow card to give to a clerk. Today was one of those days where I was given the card. I wait in line for about 10 minutes- a short wait for the University Station. The postal clerk, who for working at a post office that has no down time, is amazingly friendly every time I see him.
He brings me the oversized item in my mailbox. It was an advertisement from Mazda for their new car. Why was it oversized? It was shipped in a DVD case because it included a free CD-R. Why? Apparently, the free CD-R will convince me to buy a new Mazda so I can play the CD-R inside of it.
So yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mazda has convinced me to buy their new car all because they sent me oversized junk mail that wouldn’t fit in a standard PO box. Even better, the mass mailing was obviously directed to the student/young adult population. What you say? Many of us live in apartments or dorms with the standard small PO Boxes? Yes, yes we do. Or better yet, we share a slightly bigger mailbox with a few other people.
In any case, good job Mazda. Not only did you spend a good amount of money on that mailing (compared to the normal piece of mass mail), you gave me something to muse about for today.






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