when is non-knowledge lying?

When is non-knowledge lying? What is non-knowledge? Non-knowledge is knowledge that exists but you are not aware of it. For example, person A asks you if you know John Doe. You know John Doe but only by face, not by name. When you tell the person “No, I don’t know John Doe”, does that constitute lying? I would venture to say that it does not.
Would that also include things within you? Like if someone asks “Do you like green beans?” and you, with all of your past knowledge and self-experience, reply that you do not like green beans and later discover that you do, is that lying? Or if you reply that you do not and yet you still eat/ate them because you enjoyed the taste of the salt that you placed on it, is it lying to say you do not like green beans, knowing that liking green beans means you enjoy them in their fullness?
Just wondering.






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