seminary visit

IRVING, TX — I’m writing this from the computer lab at Holy Trinity Seminary after visiting the house and the University of Dallas today. So far, it has been a good and enjoyable visit.
We arrive shortly after 2 p.m. after taking our time and getting stuck in traffic on IH-35E in Dallas (a tanker truck crashed causing the havoc). Fr. David gave me a tour of the house and of the UD campus. The guys were having a Cinco de Mayo barbeque so we hung out there for some time shooting the breeze with the guys. After dinner, Jonathan Raia, a seminarian for the Diocese of Austin, Fr. David and I said Evening Prayer in the seminary’s oratory. As the end of the semester ends and many papers are due for the guys, most of them are tucked away in their rooms working hard. I find myself in one of the TV rooms watching parts of Kill Bill Volume 1. I got bored with that and so I am here.
Like I said, so far, the trip has been a good one. Tomorrow morning is Morning Prayer at 8:30 a.m., Mass at 9:15 followed by a reception with a local Serra club and then brunch. The only thing I don’t like is I didn’t bring proper clothes. Too late now.
Visiting the seminary has given me a much more personal basis for my discernment decision. In all honesty, I am quite nervous about taking this step. I am not scared, but nervous. My reaction is “OF COURSE!” It’s a big decision and not to be at least a little nervous is just plain weird.
The university itself is a nice campus. It is much smaller than what I am used to and the largest classroom on campus is smaller than my smallest classroom now. It has everything I need; there are other things I could want though. The seminary, located on campus but set back from the campus core, has a chapel, oratory, weight room, a couple of TV rooms, a handful of computer labs, kitchen, cafeteria (refectory I believe is what its called), laundry areas, music rooms, a game room, a library- virtually anything I would need.
As far as the application process itself, I have completed the applications to the Diocese, the seminary and the university. I have taken a physical, a psychological evaluation and undergone a couple of interviews. I have written essays, answered endless questions about my view of the priesthood, the church, celibacy and whatever else you can imagine and wrote an extensive autobiography detailing various aspects of my life. I have an interview with Bishop Aymond scheduled for next month and still await to hear about a couple of other interviews and what forms I need to submit for the background check- not to mention going to an Ethics in Ministry session.
It seems like quite a bit of work- and it is- but it is worth it. I am not just applying to transfer into another school; I am applying to transfer into another way of life.






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