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The classroom will kill your innerchild. Education and the advancement of ideas, knowledge, concepts, theories, awareness and whatever else was never meant to be carried out in the method that I just experienced. The good news is although the overwhelming thought that discussion sections are nothing but a waste of time, I have still been attending.
My BIO 214 class is held up on Bloom’s taxonomy. For those who don’t know, it’s a theory on stages of learning. Is it related to biology? Sure, just as much as 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O. It’s not within the scope of the subject. Sure, the point is to teach us to become “active” learners, etc. As far as teaching is concerned, if you want to give me a handout on learning levels- great. Unless I’m taking an education course, don’t teach it to me. I’ve taken education courses. I’ve spent an entire semester looking at learning levels. Stick to biology.






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  1. Shellie Avatar

    Well, biology as a whole is a rather broad subject. It pretty much includes everything dealing with life. The levels of learning for animals is part of biology, however, it should be taught in a higher level class: one where the person learning the subject material would actually need to know it. Are you guys just discussing the levels of learning for humans? You should be learning that for a wide variety of animals. (My opinion, of course.) And yes, I would hate to have to sit there and listen to all of that if it really had nothing to do with the field of learning I need. I agree with you on that. 😀 But being at A&M (as I’m sure it is with most schools), I’ve become quite used to learning what seems to be useless information.
    –Enjoy the rest of your summer, Krafty! I’m a working gal and won’t get to talk much for the next month or so. 😀

  2. Kraft Avatar

    Oh trust me, it’s not part of the subject. She’s teaching it to us so we will learn how to become active learners. The class, a lower-division intro bio, is over “structure and functions of organisms”. We started with levels of learning followed by how an a fern is special because it has roots, stems and leaves. Trust me, it’s out of place in this course.

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