nudity: the best ad for clothing

I found this Washington Post article via Dappled Things today regarding two nudist magazines. The intro is too great not to read:

The best thing about nudist magazines is that they give you a newfound appreciation for clothing. The glitziest fashion spread in the history of Vogue is not as good an advertisement for clothes as a nudist magazine’s simple black-and-white photo of a pudgy middle-aged couple just sort of standing there buck naked.
In this over-civilized modern world, we don’t often get to see what average Americans look like under their clothes. And after perusing two popular nudist mags, I can report that this is probably a good thing….
It’s easy to wax poetic about the beauty of the human body while reading Playboy or gazing at Michelangelo’s “David.” But when eyeing naked pictures of folks who look like Dick Cheney or Barbara Mikulski, you’re forced to admit that the average human body is really not all that attractive. On a purely aesthetic level, I’d rank humans somewhere in the middle of the spectrum — above the slug, the sloth and the catfish certainly, but far below the gazelle, the tiger and even, if truth be told, the cockroach….

Dick Cheney naked- there are some places we’re never meant to go as a society.
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